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Looking Back

Spring Semester 2018

This Semester our “Be a Pebble;Watch the Ripples!” theme was chosen to invite the Clients to have an open opportunity of learning more about how their individual contributions affect the world around them.  The ten weeks were broken down into three sections; “Myself, Others and the World”.


Each of these three sections invited the Clients to new experiences that would build on previous knowledge; to grow from...look at (drop ‘the’) how they can personally extend their unique special abilities to a more positive world around them.


The final day of the Semester, Celebration Day, was marked by the debut of a Client-led Certificate Ceremony.  Instead of their Educators presenting Certificates of Congratulations, the Clients themselves presented to each other.  Their awareness and observations in learning about their class partners during the Semester lent to many shining moments as they congratulated each other on a job well-done!

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