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Step-Up News: 
August 21st, 2021

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To All Our Friends of the Prep to Step-Up Circle,

“See You Later …”


            Olympian Flame immortal

            Whose beacon lights our way

            Emblaze our hearts with the fire of hope

            O’er this momentous day.

                        ~ First verse of the Olympic Anthem


Did you watch any of the opening and closing ceremonies on the Olympics ?  They were so uplifting and happy; so colourful, full of voice and action !


Watch the Paralympics

Aug. 24 - Sept. 5

Submit your Memories

Pictorial History of Prep to Step-Up 2014 - 2021


Deadline for Photos, Messages and Stories Sept. 3rd 

St. Paul's United Church

A big warm ‘thank you’ to everyone at St. Paul’s for all their support.


Our space will be available for lease, if you know of anyone interested.

Spring Semester 2020

Registration Payments will be reimbursed by e-Transfer or  cheque.

Resources at Prep

are available for purchase or take- away.  Two dates in September will be emailed soon for short pick-up visit.  If you know of anyone that can use school resources, please let us know.



At the closing of the Olympic Games I was most impressed by the Olympic Flame.  It was made without fuel to help the environment.  It was hydrogen powered and remained lit for the entire Olympics until the closing ceremony.  When the flame was going down, did you notice ?  It did not go out.  You could still see a circle of flickering flame.  It will stay lit for the Paralympic Games on August 24th.  It still

shares its happy colours even though Olympics 2020 had come to a close. 


When I watched the petals of the torch embrace the flame and it didn’t go out, I felt hopeful, like the little flame that was left, was inside me.  I knew it would grow and be shared again.


I know what I am about to share will be harder to read. Just like the athletes had worked really hard to share their strength and talents then earned a well-deserved rest, I have reached an age when I also have need of a time to rest.  I must retire and Prep to Step-Up will come to a close.  We will not be opening in January.


I am sorry.  I have taken a lot of time to make this decision.  I know this will be disappointing but the little flame inside each of us will never go out.  Take what you have learned and “Be the Best You Can Be” everywhere you go !  Just like the Olympic Athletes, you faced many challenges at Prep with bravery and a desire to learn a lot.  You are Gold Medal Olympians !


At Prep we learned that feeling of knowing we could always learn more if we chose to. We learned to be excited when we saw our friends being happy. We learned to be kind and helpful when someone needed a little reminder that their inner flame to try, was still burning happily.  We lit each other up with smiles, fun and laughter !  And so much music and dancing !  We can’t forget the dancing !  Even if we may not see each other, we will always be friends of the Circle.  The Circle never stops and we will not either !


With every change in our lives, there is a time of ‘transition and acceptance’.  We have put 3 mindfulness tools in this newsletter to help you.  Two you already know but we have to keep learning so we have added a third.  Give yourselves lots of time !  If you need any support, let us know.  We are always here for you as are your Families and Supports.  By

the way, your Families and Supports are wonderful ! We have loved learning with them, too !


This will be the last newsletter but we will be putting together a Pictorial History or a journal with photos out at the end of September.  Each Client will be highlighted from the time you spent with us.  If you would like to send a memory, a message, a story or drawing in a photo or some other photos to include,

we would be happy to get them.  It will be another celebration of you at Prep to Step-Up !


Change opens up new doors !  There is always a new bright adventure behind each door and you have lots of time to open many more !  Think of it !  If you keep on learning you will never leave the idea of Prep !  You can take Prep with you on every adventure.

Let us sing the Closing Circle song one more time !



   Prep !  Prep ! 

   Prep, Prep, Prep !             Prep to the Step Up !       Here we go !                                   




   We learn a lot .

   We laugh a lot .

   We shake each other's hands                                 




   We sing .

   We dance . 

   We aim for change .                                




   Now spread that change

   O'er all the land


The change we are facing needs to be ‘spread all over the land’ with your little flame inside you to share.


Wherever you go, whatever you do carry the changes you have learned at Prep in your heart with a little hope and a great big smile, always !


This is not a ‘Good-Bye’ but a ‘See You Later’

or ‘Take Care Until We See You Again’ !


“Never Ignore A Possible !” 

~ Doreen McCall ~



Doesn’t Come
With a Manual.
It Comes With

A Family That
Never Gives Up.

From the Prep Circle


3 Calming Tools
for Transition and Acceptance of Change

P . R . E . P . Anagram


P -  Pause in the moment : Be 

      aware of what you are feeling

      and your surroundings


R -  Relax and breathe


E -  Explain Using the 5W’s say,

      think or draw what happened

      to make you feel this way.


P - Plan or Prepare for how you

     would like to feel or do next

     that is positive.

Draw and Dance      


-  Post a piece of drawing paper, any size,

   on the wall or on the table in front of



-  Draw what you are remembering about

   Prep to Step-Up that made you feel

   happy or sad.


-  Draw while listening or dancing to your 

    favourite song or music.


-  If you do this as a family, it can only

   turn into a lot of fun !

Talking with a FISH


1. Download the full instructions


2. Download an example from Doreen


3. Download and print the template so 

   you can use the FISH method yourself. 


- Do this with a Buddy or Friend. There is

   talking and discussion involved.


- This tool helps break down how and

   why you are upset by an issue you

   feel is a problem.  


- If you would like to try drawing your own fish, you can follow these instructions on youtube.

Olympic activities


Click here to download this image and print it out so you can
colour your own 

Olympic Torch.



Music Videos


Click here to find out how to

make your own Olympic Rings.

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