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“Mission Possible Week!”

Tues, Sept. 10 - Thurs, Sept. 12th
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Try-Out Week for Fall Semester
15 hours ($250.00)

“Fall Semester”

Tues, Sept. 24 - Thurs, Nov. 28
10:00 am - 3:00 pm
150 Hours ($1800.00)

“Prep for the Holidays!”

Mon, Dec. 9 - Thurs, Dec. 13th
10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Full, Fun Curriculum Including Materials
20 Hours ($200.00)


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Tuesday, July 9th.   

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Our Newsletter

The ‘Step-Up News’ is published 5 times surrounding any Semester; 1 before a Semester begins, 3 during the Semester and 1 following Celebration Day, like this one. 


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Step-Up News: 
June 30th, 2019

butterfly with no bottom background.png
Hurray! Hurray! 
For Celebration Day!


Or maybe we could call it, Championship Day, for we are all winning Champions! Everyone that supports or contributes to Prep to Step-Up was there to help share the memories made during our Five-Years together! We should all be proud and thankful for each other for becoming a hard-working, helpful community! Way to go!

It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces which were beautifully captured by Henry Feather Photography.  Matted copies of the portraits and single copies of the group shots will be available shortly. You will be emailed when they become available for pick-up. Many thanks to all our Staff for taking so many in-the-moment photos during the year!

Loved the Day!  Loved You!

Stay safe, healthy and have an exciting summer!  You can share all your stories with us in the Fall!

See you then! 


The Prep to Step-Up Team!