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Spring Semester

Officially, the start date of April 7th of the Spring Semester has been cancelled or deferred until we are given the all-clear from the Canadian government.


Once a new date has been secured we will inform you, take a week to plan then resume. Realistically, it may not be until September or later. 


As far as we know, anyone that participated at Prep to Step-Up is currently healthy and has returned safely to Canada.

This is an unprecedented and unpredictable time. Please know we are here to support you as much as we can. If you have questions or we can assist you in a proactive way, we will do our best to be helpful. 


Contact either
 or to stay connected.

Step-Up News: 
June 13th, 2020

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Missing our Friends at Prep!
A collection of hellos and virtual hugs

Note to Families

What's everyone been up to?

Hello from Lorne!
When I go for walks I see people doing lawn care and birds singing. We are growing vegetables in our back yard.  Some of the activities I’ve been doing are basketball, ladder toss, bocce ball and soccer.

For the summer I plan to stay home and to celebrate my birthday.

I miss everybody at Prep to Step-Up and I will be back when this virus is over.
~Reporter Lorne


A Word From My Patio
When I sit on our patio I hear birds - redwing blackbirds, mourning doves. This summer I will go to Peele Island.
~Reporter Josh


I have been going to my trailer on weekends.  Saturday we got wood and I saw a deer in the field, horses ploughing and a horse and buggy.

When I go for a bike ride I see pretty flowers and birds.

I really miss my friends and teachers!
~Reporter Jessica Knapman


Learning New Things with Miranda Younan!
For the summer I plan to learn a new skill, riding a bike!  My Dad will teach me how to do it.  I can’t wait to enjoy exploring my neighbourhood with my Mom.  It’s never too late to learn a new skill.
~Reporter Miranda


An Activity from Aleska

Jonathan Gross Enjoys His Golf with Dad!
I have been having a good time hanging out with my Dad!  I have been doing quite a bit of art, playing air hockey, Wii Sports and daily walks around the neighbourhood. Especially around the pond where I see geese (and their goslings), ducks, herons, muskrats, all sorts of dragonflies and sunfish.  But most of all I like going golfing with Dad and we golf at least a couple of times a week (usually with Matthew Hillier and his Dad).  


This is my Colourful Hen.

This is the Blue Heron I see on my walks.


Hi to everyone! 
~Reporter Jonathan


Cooking With Sam Barnett

Dear Prep to Step-Up Staff and Friends, 

I miss all of you! I am doing good.  I do a walk almost every day. Some of the activities I am doing are Special Friend's Zoom meetings.  My picture is me doing cooking class on Zoom with my friends.

I also get the mail 5 days a week.  I walk down the street to the box by myself and bring it home.


I hope I will see you soon and I hope to see my friends soon too.

~Reporter Sam



Books and Bikes Go ‘Zoom’!
I have been going for lots of long walks with my Mom and sister and long bike rides, too!

We have been doing Zoom meet-ups every day where we sing, dance, do art and read books.  My favourite was the Blue Jay Day and the Baking Days!
I plan on spending lots of time in my pool this summer and probably bike ride every day.

I really miss my friends and all my activities and everyone from Prep. I hope to see you all soon!
Stay well!

~Reporter Madison



Planting and Painting

During the past few months, I have been spending lots of time with my family and enjoying the nice weather. When we go for walks, I see other people walking and sometimes their dogs.


My parents have been planting in our garden and we have lots of vegetables. Some of the activities I have been doing are riding the four-wheeler and painting. For the summer, I plan to help my grandpa with hay and enjoy my new pool. When I miss my friends, I think about the fun we had. 

~Reporter Brady Domingos 



MELISSA and I have been keeping well - thanks be to God!  Although she’s been missing all the interaction, she video chats with Madora and her sister, aunts, uncles and cousins a good deal.

She’s been working on a ‘Word Search’ in a book I found for her and she is enjoying it, I’m happy to say.  She’s also been in the garden pulling up the dandelions when they appear and in and out of the garage taking out the recycling.

I’m glad to hear everyone is safe and well.  Can’t wait until we can get back into our routine.  

Continue to be safe! 

~ Reporter Melissa 


Deon Haggett and “The Two Amigos!”
Hello!  This is Deon Haggett.  I am writing this to let you know about my daily walks and what I see on my way to Fairy Lake.  The weather is mostly beautiful in Acton during this time.  The sunshine is breath-taking.  I see so many ducklings in the pond, people walking their dogs, beautiful birds chirping!  The best of all is seeing those two bunnies together at all times!  A staff, Charlotte, named them “The Two Amigos”!

Although I am having fun with housemates and Staff, I can’t wait to come back to see the teachers and my friends at Prep to Step-Up!
~ Reporters Deon H/Charlotte




Hi Everyone! 
I hope you are all doing well and I am looking forward to getting a chance to read about what you have been up to the past little while.  Teaching online piano lessons has been keeping me busy!  Thank goodness for technology!

The beautiful weather has also been perfect for long walks and rollerblading.
Our fish are still happy and safe at the Church and waiting for us to return whenever it is possible!

Take care, Erica


Greetings, Everyone!
I couldn’t help but still think of those who are part of the program keeping themselves safe and well because I miss them all!

I’ve been busy every day with an hour or two walking outside for exercise and also painting like a machine with images of fantastic realism colours.

I understand it’s been tough around the world with an unexpected situation such as Covid19 however it doesn’t mean we can’t look on the brighter side of it for special opportunities.  For example, this crisis offers those a chance to create awareness for the moderate role we play on this planet and accept that things don’t always go as we want them to go.  Whether it’s health, airline safety or our calendars, we live in the illusion that full control is possible and that we stay comfortable, calm and joyful withIn it.
I hope that we think about that once in a little while and still live a good happy life!
Stay safe, my friends! 




Cooking, Cuddles and Cats

Hi Everyone! I hope you are all safe and healthy at home with your loved ones! Over the last few weeks, I have been taking lots of time to get rest, go on long drives and even started riding my bike again in my neighbourhood.  I’ve also started cooking a lot more and baking for my family sometimes.  I hope things can go back to normal soon but in the meantime, I am enjoying all the cuddles with my cats. Can’t wait to see you guys and hear what you’ve been up to! 



Jonathan Hen.JPG

The New Normal - Harry and his dad


Hi Everyone!

Miss seeing all of your smiling faces!  I have been feeling good with all the sunshine we have been getting lately.  My routine has not changed much since the last time I updated you, but we have added a new member to our family!  We now have “Stripe”, a Chinese Crested puppy!  He has been keeping me busy with training as well as lots of walks along the canal.  Hope everyone is enjoying this weather!  We will see each other soon!



Discovering Nature

Hi everyone! I have been enjoying my walks and the beautiful nature. Here are some of the sights I have been seeing around my neighbourhood: pretty flowers, sunsets, streams, and ducks! My dog loves coming along with me. Hope you’re all doing well!



Anne Shares Painted Rocks

During the Fall Semester 2019 we painted rocks and created the cutest snowmen to take home for the holidays. I often see painted rocks on my daily walks randomly left by people wanting to cheer you up!

Here are the things you need to do this easy fun project.

  1. Choose a smooth river rock and wash it.

  2. Place it on a small piece of cardboard so you can spin it around to paint all sides of your rock.

  3. Choose a solid base colour using Acrylic paint ($store?).  I chose white.

  4. Paint the top and sides of your rock. Allow to dry.

  5. To decorate your rock, choose any design.  I love words so for this example I chose “Be Kind”.  You can choose whatever you’d like; stripes, dots, hearts or whatever you’d like to paint using different colours.

  6. Draw on the rock lightly with a pencil and outline the design using dots. 

  7. Paint your chosen design using as many colours as you’d like.

Thoughts, Pictures and Videos:
June brings up strawberries! So juicy!.J
A few music videos to watch and sing along:

The only rule is to take your time and have fun! I put my rock at the end of my driveway for everyone to see as they walk past.  I’d love to see what your designs look like!  Maybe you could take a photo to submit for the next newsletter? Stay safe and remember to “BE KIND!”   

Love to all, Anne


To all the Prep to Step-Up Reporters
What an amazing contribution you’ve made!  Sharing our experiences together can help us to see that lots of us are doing similar things.  We are still helping each other even if we don’t see each other.

Your friends are still thinking of you.  We are not alone.

I felt so good to hear from so many of you!  Am happy you’re doing well and keeping busy!  Your raving reports were awesome!  Thank you for participating!  Pats on the back to you!  I know you are “Being the Best That You can Be!” 


Until next time, keep on dancing! 


Have you seen or read the Fox and the Hound?
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