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Step-Up News: 
March 13th, 2021

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Wake up ! Wake up !
Hurrah ! Spring is here

When the cold shadows of Winter are gone,
With wide-open eyes from now on,
Invite the soft sunlight in,
To stir the soul asleep deep within.

Stretch out your hands.  Touch with finger tips
The beauty of the flowers, where the honeybee sips.
Look around at the breath-taking view.
Nature is growing as splendour for you !

Take its hand gently.  Smile into its eyes.
Turn to the East.  Drink in the sunrise.
Wrap your arms around nature
To make its heart sing.

Whisper to it softly,
It is Spring !     

It is Spring !     

It is Spring !
                                                                        By Doreen ~ 1969

Next pick-up date

Wednesday, April 7th, 2021

1-3pm, Milton


Next Pick-Up date for the Spring Prep at Home Workbook Program 

Important Dates

Next Newsletter

Saturday, April 17th


Client and Staff Reports and photos appreciated by April 15th.

Looking forward to reading and seeing EVERYONE's SHARES.

Happy Birthday Wishes

Sing along to send Best Wishes from the Prep to Step-Up Circle for
a very Happy Birthday to:


Josh - March 9th

Zain - March 12th

Brittany - March 19th

Madison - March 25th

Kyle - April 12th

Shaun - April 15th



Sign-up ASAP!


The next Prep at Home Workbook Program starts April 7th, 2021. 

Please spread the word - the more the merrier !


Read more information below or visit the website for more information.

Prep at Home Workbook Program:
'Springing' Forward Together !

April 7 - June 17, 2021

The program includes 2, 45 page full colour workbooks, professionally written and designed for Neurodiverse Adults and available in 3 levels of ability. The workbooks are complemented by 9 Zoom sessions; 3 per month to encourage conversation and socialization.

The Prep at Home Workbook Program has been encouraging consistency and routine to the Client’s week of staying at home.  We can’t get together right now like we do at Prep to Step-Up but Clients look forward to seeing and talking to each other on the Zoom Visits.  Staff look forward to seeing and laughing with you, too !

Cost: $500.00 (This includes resources to complete the program)

Payment by eTranfer ( We would encourage payment be submitted by April 1st.   Consult with Doreen if not convenient.

Receipts issued promptly for Passport reimbursement.

For more information or to register your interest, please contact Doreen McCall  or  905-699-2269.   Calls Welcomed.

From the Prep Circle

An Irish Toast.JPG

Make a Leprechaun Hat

Step by step instructions

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Celebrate St Patrick's Day - 17 March

The Joys of Spring

The season of Spring holds promise of longer, brighter days.  Although there will still be chilly days for a while, it is only temporary.  Warmer, sunnier days lie ahead.

How quickly the gardens transform after the snow has all melted away !  It is amazing how many plants survive under the snowy winter blanket.  Days warm up and with April showers, green plants and flowers shoots appear almost overnight it seems.  The trees start to grow their new leaves.  Animals and birds return to the garden.


We are so lucky to live here in Canada.  There is so much to see and appreciate.  Spring brings a new attitude for all the beauty around us.  I can’t wait to get outside
and smell the flowers !

Happy Spring my friends !  Enjoy but stay safe !

Love, Anne!

Springtime Inspiration

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