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The Program

The Prep to Step-Up program is divided yearly into three, ten-week Semesters on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10 am to 3 pm each day.

The Semesters are themed, “Myself, Others and The World”.  An overall theme is chosen for each year.  Currently for the Spring Semester of 2018, there was a lot of enthusiasm for “Be a Pebble; Watch the Ripples!”



Fall Semester



The Fall Semester of Prep to Step-Up is the first of three semesters for the up-coming year. We introduce an educational environment and become familiar with a Client's knowledge of communication and social behaviors. This leads to small group "classes" that encourage and empower a Client's self-confidence. Now we are all ready for Step Two.


Winter Semester


Exciting projects await in Step Two! During the months of January through March we stimulate and exercise the brain through new activities as we learn about ourselves and each other. This strengthens our Circle to step-up to a more valued self-awareness.

Lots of happy smiles and giggles come out during this time!



Spring Semester



Adding challenge to Step Three, the Clients “Step-Up” to become aware of a new, personal potential. Now we are all comfortable and familiar with each other.  New challenges and experiences are introduced to the Clients, sometimes for the very first time.  They are given “Time and Space” to absorb and release independent thoughts, leading to an overall improved way of learning. Our goal is for the Client to carry this knowledge outside of the Circle.

"If you have never made a mistake, you have learned nothing." - Anonymous


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