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The Prep Story

This unique program started supporting neurodiverse adults and their families in 2013. It provides an education/communication programme that fosters learning and life skills opportunities to live more able, inclusive lives after high school. 

After finishing high school, neurodiverse adults can fall into a routine of less activity, loss of friendships and social contacts as well as a loss in continuing education. Families who are raising neurodiverse individuals through adulthood require continued support from a wider community, to ensure they are offered a wide range of experiences so they don’t slide into a life of isolation, depression or a feeling that they don’t have what it takes to live a rewarding life.


Prep to Step-Up offers these unique individuals opportunities to define their independence, explore their personalities, use the skills they have to be more self-empowered, and to be part of a community that embraces them.


Our program has been successful in filling ‘the niche’ toward helping Clients improve their communication, present speeches, express themselves through literacy, science, art and music; budget and understand about money, learn calming techniques for anxieties, work together as a Team and then take all of this home with them to be more comfortable and confident with their “families”, their working environments and other social groups.


We can never totally relate to the life-styles and thinking of the neuro-diverse. We can never "fix" them or expect anything. Teaching styles involve learning about and from them. We give them space and time to learn from us; they in turn teach us about their world and together, as part of our human society, we can co-exist with calm and purpose. Listening to them with our minds and hearts develops into a more intuitive way of teaching.

Never before does the philosophy of “it takes a village to raise a child” apply so strongly. At Prep to Step-Up, we are passionate about bringing more opportunities to those families and their adult children for a more
comfortable and productive future. With many years of experience between us, we are those 'teachers' that "Never Ignore a Possible".

Doreen McCall, Programme Founder and Director

Learn about the Prep Team

Meet the team who make Prep to Step-Up happen every day

What others say about Prep

Read messages from clients, family members and staff about what makes Prep to Step-Up special to them

Prep Mentions

  • Dr. Chris Eriksson, a former Educator for Science and Math at Prep, was invited to the International Counsellors Conference in Rome, Italy in September 2018 to present his experience with programmes for the Neurodiverse and he included Prep to Step-Up in his power point presentation.

  • In 2017 Doreen was invited to contribute to a series of articles on Neurodiversity in the workplace for a UK website supporting Employers and employees.


  • Dr. Chris Eriksson presented a paper in conjunction with Doreen McCall in the Fall of 2015 at a conference in Malta.


  • Several mentions over the years in The Canadian Champion.

High Res images and interviews are available upon request. 

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