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Leonardo & Me is an arts program designed for students from grades 4-8. Similar to Renaissance Artists like Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo, the program blends visual art, art history and science. Students are exposed to a variety of topics while creating a link between the arts and sciences. Students are taught the science behind visual art techniques while learning the history behind many famous artists and works.


The program runs through the Christmas Holidays , March Break and Summer Vacation culminating with a “gallery show” curated by the students and attended by parents


This interactive program will be both fun and educational. We look forward to creating Renaissance minds while learning new things. Never Ignore a Possible!

Leonardo & Me

Summer Camp Dates

Leonardo & Me will be offered twice during Summer Vacation:

Aug. 14-18th      9am-12pm

Aug. 21st-25th   9am-12pm

The cost of the program is $165.00 per student OR $150.00 each, if there is more than one applicant per family.

Bring a Friend and get 10% Off!

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