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Roam Through Rome

Roam Through Rome is an adult education program designed for travellers. The first in a series, it gives attendees the chance to travel through the art history of Rome. 


The course seeks to liberate tourists from expensive, uninformed travel guides who embellish a history that does not require exaggeration. Be your own guide and truly understand the significance of ‘tourist hotspots’ or venture off the beaten path and visit sites few visit.  


Travelling alone, with a partner or family, create your own history. Understand the significance of some of the most important art works and sites in Western Civilization.



Running Tuesday evenings beginning March 2017 at St. Paul's United Church in Milton, Ontario. Register below to receive more information. The course costs $260 and includes refreshments. 

Dates for 2017

Roam Through Rome will run for five weeks beginning in October (October 17th - November 14th). The cost of the course is $260.00 and includes refreshments.


View the 2017 Flyer HERE!

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