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Spring Semester

Officially, the start date of April 7th of the Spring Semester has been cancelled or deferred until we are given the all-clear from the Canadian government.


Once a new date has been secured we will inform you, take a week to plan then resume. Realistically, it may not be until September or later. 


As far as we know, anyone that participated at Prep to Step-Up is currently healthy and have returned safely to Canada.

This is an unprecedented and unpredictable time. Please know we are here to support you as much as we can. If you have questions or we can assist you in a proactive way, we will do our best to be helpful. 


Contact either
 or to stay connected.

Step-Up News: 
March 30th, 2020

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A lot has happened since Celebration Day!

Note to Families

Hello Everyone!

How are you? There have been many changes to the way we live every day because of the COVID-19 coronavirus but we know you will be doing your best to deal with these changes just like everyone in your neighbourhood. 

There are new expressions like social or physical distancing, making sure there is a 2-metre space or 2 hockey stick lengths, between people, or actually staying at home so that we aren’t exposed to the virus.

You may hear of “flattening the curve” where everyone is expected to follow the necessary rules so that the numbers of people who might get sick don’t get bigger during a shorter period of time. Practicing this we will have more space and time to help each other stay well.  One of those rules is washing your hands often which you already have been practicing at Prep!

We have all been learning lots of things at Prep to Step-Up to prepare us for this new experience. It can be new, different and maybe a little scary. Wasn’t it a good decision to learn about Mindfulness this past year?


Learning about our feelings or emotions and how to manage them is now helping us cope better with being at home for longer periods each day. The characters of Joy, Fear, Sadness and Anger from ‘Inside Out’ can help us now when we need them most!


Always do your breathing!

Learning to get used to new routines or a different "Plan for Today" can be tough but you have all done it before many times at Prep. We had to switch days so that Luna the Lamb could come and visit. It may have been a little different but wasn’t it great to see Luna? She had such a sweet face and her bleat was just adorable! She helped us all smile! Sometimes changes and difficulty bring us new things to learn. 


Two years ago we learned about, ‘Enjoy the Journey; Embrace the Detour!” At this time we have a little detour but we’re sure you can all handle it well. Journeys are never dull and adventures are always just around the corner!


Watch out for the positive and keep smiling!

Make a list of all the new things you may learn each day.  At the end of the week I’m sure you’ll be surprised at how much you have learned all together!

There’s lots more to do at the program and we want to see you here soon!  We will have to wait a little while until the Canadian government tells us it’s OK to go back to seeing each other once again. The Church has also closed down until further notice. We cannot use our space until the Church opens again.


When we know we will tell you the new start date for Prep to Step-Up. It may not be until May or June or perhaps next September but as soon as we know, we’ll tell you. The most important thing is to stay safe and healthy! You’ve already been brave and kind to each other; you smile often and we know you love to dance!


You can do this! Be Strong and Learn On!

With Love From Prep to Step-Up,


Doreen, Erica, Jessica, Anne, Frederic, Ian, Cassandra, Abby, Stacey and Aleksa

"Never Ignore a Possible!"

Have You Ever Wondered? 
Why Do Animals Hibernate?

Nature has its own way of protecting animals from getting sick or becoming too stressed or anxious.  It’s called hibernation.


By sleeping at ‘home’ during the Winter Season, there is more food for foraging outside in the forest.  Less animals are competing for food and are less stressed from protecting their territories. When the forests keep bears hibernating at home in dens, viruses and sickness are reduced in the winter forest allowing other animals who don’t hibernate to thrive.

Mama Bear has her Cubs during this time and keeps them safe during their first few months of life ‘at home’, introducing them to the outside world when they are ready to honour their place when plenty of food is available at the end of the Spring or early summer seasons. Their immune systems are revived and after conserving their health, the bears’ energy levels increase to cope with the stresses of the more competitive seasons.

Hibernate for now! Be the Bear! Rest and restore your energy levels. Calm your anxiety. Look forward! We’ll see you in the late Spring or early Summer!

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Keep Learning


Tools at Prep We Can Use at Home


  • Daily Calendar - Track Day/Date/Weather/Emotions

  • Use the Who, What, When, Where and Why while Talking About Anything

  • Word Wall

  • Breathing

  • Reading; D.E.A.R.  Drop Everything And Read

  • Brainstorming New Words from Each Letter of a Chosen Word

  • Daily Walk Using Physical Distancing - Weather Permitting

  • I Spy Scavenger Hunt

  • Squeeze Stress Ball and Count to 5

  • Use Rhythm Sticks While Listening or Dancing to Music

  • Chair Yoga

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