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Step-Up News: 
May 22nd, 2021

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Wonderful Weeds
and Wildflowers

Wild Flowers

The sun is shining so hot you can feel the heat reaching through your skin.  The air is dry but a sweet scent wafts around you.  There are rustling sounds beneath your feet as you slowly make your way along a well-worn path. You are in the meadow.


Popping between grasses and tall green leaves dancing in the sun are the weeds and wildflowers.  Their colours fade in harmony with the grasses creating a cozy and safe hollow for you to view them.  They are not bunched in clusters but share the space so the bees, butterflies and birds can rest and nourish themselves.  It is a restful, quiet place.


During historic times of long ago, nature was more respected. Weeds and Wildflowers were more important and had purpose in everyday life.  Teas were made from the leaves and roots; medicines and healing compresses made from the flowers,
stems and roots.  Every kitchen hung dried wildflowers from the rafters and pantries stored pottery jars of dried product.


Like the Raven and Crow, the Tortoise and Ant, Weeds and Wildflowers have survived for hundreds of thousands of years. They have everything necessary to thrive through anything; drought, dramatic weather, volcano lava, rising seas and even the modern tarmac of parking lots.  Their strength and resilience
bring us joy and hope that we can make it through anything, too !


Who remembers making a daisy chain crown or holding buttercups beneath our friend’s chins to see if they liked butter? Today, scientists have proven the child’s rhyme of the buttercup. Light reflected from the shiny petals of the buttercup held under a person’s chin will show pale yellow on the skin if that person likes butter.  There is a chemical reaction between the reflected yellow light and the natural oils from the skin that actually indicate or show whether or not you like butter or other fatty foods.  Isn’t that neat ?


  • Buttercups are symbols of joy, friendship and humility.

  • Daisies are symbols of new beginnings, harmony and the innocence of Children as in their birth.

Put these two together and you have a lovely bouquet for the dinner table.

Weeds and Wildflowers announce our Spring for us and keep us company during the summer.  They are simple, colourful and forever. Something we can depend on seeing all of the time.  Keep them close.
During your walks always enjoy the surprise of coming around a corner of trees or bushes to discover a Trillium in Ontario or a Lady’s Slipper in Prince Edward Island, if you happen to be visiting.  These are
protected though and cannot be picked.  Taking photos of wildflowers is a great hobby.


All of us here at Prep to Step-Up wish you a summer filled with the beauty and simplicity of wildflowers.  Let them give you joy !

From the Prep to Step-Up Team, 
Stay Safe and Keep Well !
                                          ~~ Doreen

Fall Workbook - #7

Pick up:
September 15th,
1-3pm at Anne's House

Next Newsletter June 12th

Submissions Reports Due June 9th

Photos welcomed.

We want to hear what you are doing and how you are feeeling. Everyone is welcome to participate.

Happy Birthday Wishes

Sing along to send Best Wishes from the Prep to Step-Up Circle for
a very Happy Birthday to:


Deon - May 9th

Madora - May 16th



Prep at Home Workbook Program - Update
Based on the responses received from our poll in the last newsletter, we have decided to take a pause during the summer for the Prep at Home Workbook Program.  Warm weather, backyard pools and the family cottage are waiting for you to enjoy. 

This does not mean you take a break from exercising your brain.  Your fabulous brain deserves to learn as much as you will let it !  We would encourage you to keep writing
stories and painting or colouring your own pictures and to continue learning from your summer adventures.  Keep a little routine every day.  There may still be a few pages left in the 6 workbooks from this past year that you need to finish.


Some of the activities like the Rain Gauge and Garden in a Carton can be continued through the summer.  We have added more activity pages in Workbook #6 to take you
through the summer.

We want to hear about all your summer adventures in learning ! We will continue with the Step-Up News for June, July and August.  Keep your reports and photos
coming in ! 

We will continue the program in the Fall from September to November.  Watch for further updates on Registration.

From the Prep Circle

Types of Wildflowers and Weeds


All around you...


Pressed Flower craft

  1. Place your flower between 2 pieces 

      of waxed paper.

   2. Place the waxed paper inside a large, 

      heavy book.  


   3. Place heavy books on top.


   4. Wait 7 days and check to see if they

      have dried yet.  If not, continue.


Wildflowers and Weeds on Youtube!

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