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Meet the Team


The Prep Staff 


Doreen: Programme Director and Founder

A mother, educator, and woman with an endless desire to give everyone an equal chance at their best life, Doreen founded Prep to Step-Up to provide further education for the neurodiverse.


“To me, learning joy makes every day beautiful even if it starts out rough. You have a choice to look for it and we teach our Clients that, not by training but by exposing them to the opportunities for themselves!”


Jessica: Programme Co-Ordinator; Educator (Curriculum)

Bringing a degree in Child and Youth Work and a plethora of experiences working with the neurodiverse community from group homes to the classroom, Jessica thrives on teamwork.


“I work for Prep to Step-Up for so many different reasons; the amazing that is truly different from any I have seen, the amazing staff who are always willing to go the extra mile, and our clients - they teach me far more than I could ever teach them.”

Erica: Programme Supervisor; Educator (Science, Music, Nutrition)

With degrees in science and human development, and 10+ years of teaching piano, Erica’s patience and sense of humour are skills she brings to her role. 

“I love Prep to Step-Up because of its welcoming and safe environment. We have a true sense of community that I am proud of. I love that every day is filled with both teaching and learning; clients and educators are always learning from each other, and having a lot of fun in the process!”


Anne: Educator; Art

A creative, out-of-the-box thinker, who has been working with the neurodiverse community for 20+ years, Anne specialises in design and breaks things into manageable tasks for our clients.

“I love sharing the daily client victories we celebrate at Prep; watching client’s abilities develop with the sheer determination to work on life skills. Helping clients gain confidence to achieve their artwork and sharing the pride that shines on their faces when they see what they created is such a joy.”

Stacey: Educator; Literacy (History and Laughter)

Having worked with the neurodiverse Community in High-School, Stacey returns with a desire to encourage these adults to be as independent as possible.

“I might teach them reading and writing but they teach me authenticity which is why I work at Prep to Step-Up. By encouraging them to write about their experiences on this journey, it has allowed more pieces to fall into place so that their families and communities can be a part of their time at Prep.” 

Ian: Educator-in-Training; Resident Artist

Recipient of the Eleanor Ritchie Scholarship from Autism Ontario, Ian received a certificate in Art Fundamentals and a Diploma in Visual Creative Arts (with High Honours) from Sheridan College.


“Comment from the Director; Ian has been a valued Team member at Prep to Step-Up. We are very fortunate that his path led to us!”


Frederic: Educator; Math (Technology, Engineering-STEM)

A keen listener, Frederic uses his listening skills to discover the unique needs and perspectives of our clients, making sure everyone is encouraged to explore new things.

“Working on anything from theory concepts in time and money, to taking on fun, practical projects to help the Clients with Math, there is never a dull day for me or the Clients. Seeing the positive changes I have been so lucky to experience in my 2+ years at Prep to Step Up are the most rewarding and wonderful parts of my job.”

Abby: Educator; Skills-at-Will

Using different teaching styles to contribute to the learning experiences of each client allows Abby the chance to create comfortable and motivating learning environments.


“I like working at prep because it is an inclusive environment. Everyone is encouraged to reach their full potential while communicating with others and having fun.”

Cassandra: Educator; Skills-at-Will

A BSc in Psychology helps Cassandra understand the cause and effect of behaviour, and she applies patience and teamwork to her role as an educator.

“I work for Prep to Step-Up because of my love of teaching (and learning!), I love making people confident in their abilities.“

The Prep Circle:

Our Circle is growing every day. Volunteers with valued Time and Skills are part of the programme daily. Our Circle includes - Kathy, Jim, Charlotte, Kristen, Susan, Jarred, Diana and the SJATDOGS! Contact us is you’d like to be part of the circle.

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