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What Support is Available?

Disability Tax Credit

Government of Canada

The Disability Tax Credit (Form T2201) is available through the Canada Revenue Agency. This credit reduces the amount of tax owed by a person to the government.

Individuals 18 or older can also apply for the GST/HST credit on your income tax return. You will receive the first payment a month after your 19th birthday.

Unused credits can be transferred to parents and caregivers.


For more information on the Disability Tax Credit, visit

Henson Trust




A Henson trust, also known as a discretionary trust, is structured to protect the assets of a person living with a disability, as well as their right to collect government benefits and entitlements such as The Ontario Disability Support Program.

It is very important for families to consider whether a Henson Trust should be a component of your estate plan and long-term financial plan.

A Henson Trust is most often set up in a person’s will. When setting up a Henson Trust you will want to consult with a lawyer who has experience setting up this type of trust.

When setting up a Henson Trust it is important to consider the trustees you appoint. The Trustee is given the responsibility of handling the assets that have been left in the trust for your son or daughter.

The Trustee(s) responsibilities can extend over a long period of time and end when the trust is terminated.

For more information on a the Henson Trust, visit P4P Planning Network

Passport Funding


Ontario Government


This is a financial resource that is designed to provide opportunities for individuals to be actively involved in the life of their community as engaged citizens.

Passport funding is considered individualized funding. While there are criteria in terms of how the funds are spent, the individual and their

family have flexibility in determining how


Individuals can use Passport dollars to cover tuition costs for post secondary courses or community programs, or hire a person to help support them with activities that build skills or explore leisure

opportunities in the community.


For more information on Passport Funding, visit

Registered Disability
Savings Plan


Plan Institute

The RDSP is a long-term savings plan made available by the federal government.


With personal contributions combined with federal grants and bonds, an RDSP can grow in to a significant financial asset your childmay use later in life.


You can receive up to $70,000 in Grants and $20,000 in Bonds.


In order to qualify for an RDSP you must first qualify for the Disability Tax Credit.


The great benefit of an RDSP is that it will not impact provincial benefits like the ODSP in anyway. You can receive funds through an RDSP with no reduction in provincial disability benefits.


Partners for Planning offers Introductory RDSP Webinars monthly.


For more information on a Registered Disability Savings Plan, visit

Development Services Ontario


Ontario Government

The (DSO) is the first point of contact when looking for information on how to access services such as funding, housing and programs.

Individuals can begin the application process at age 16, with parental consent, however must be 18 years of age to receive services.

To apply, individuals must have proof that they live in Ontario, proof of date of birth and will need a copy of a psychological assessment. When filling out the application form, be sure to request Passport Funding.

For more information, visit DSOntario.

Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)


Ontario Government


A provincial benefit that provides financial assistance for adults
18 years and older.

This benefit is meant to assist with the cost of living expenses such
as food and housing.

Individuals may apply six months prior to their 18th birthday and
may be eligible to receive health, drug, dental coverage and other

For more information on the Ontario Disability Support Program, visit

Ontario Works (OW)


Ontario Government


Ontario Works provides income and employment assistance for individuals who are temporarily in need of financial help.

To be eligible for this program, individuals need to be a resident of Ontario, have an immediate financial need and be willing to participate in employment activities.

Individuals may also be eligible to receive health, drug, dental coverage and other benefits.


For more information, visit Ontario Works

Ontario Photo Card


Ontario Government


A government issued piece of identification similar to a driver’s license.

It makes travel or opening up a bank account easier.
Individuals who do not have a driver’s license, are a resident of Ontario
and are 16 years or older can apply.

Employment Programs


Ontario Government


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